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Tantra, derived from the words "tan" and "tra," signifies the ability to shape nature and God according to one's desires through sadhana (spiritual practice) and pooja (ritual worship). It is a method or path found in various religions and is closely associated with mantras. Mantras are essential for the success of tantra and are chanted by tantriks during rituals to energize specific purposes. The vibrations created by mantras resonate within the psychic field. Asanas (postures) are also closely linked to tantra. Asana involves the gradual dissolution of the body into the subtle elements, merging each element with its source and ultimately dissolving the ego into the great consciousness.

Through the reunion of Shiva (masculine principle) and Shakti (feminine principle), practitioners can access the benefits flowing from the sahasrara chakra, the center of communication between the individual and infinite consciousness. It is emphasized that rituals should be performed under the guidance of a Guru (spiritual teacher). Tantra shastras mention various types of initiations by a Guru, such as sakti, sambhabi, mantri, anabi, kriyabati, barnamoyee, kalatma, bidhanmdya, etc. Despite the different forms of initiation, they all lead to the same effect and liberation from bondage.

In the practice of tantra, the role of the Guru is of utmost importance. The Guru serves as a spiritual guide, imparting wisdom, guidance, and initiation to the practitioner. The Guru's presence and guidance ensure the correct understanding and application of tantra's principles and techniques. Through the Guru's teachings, disciples learn to navigate the intricate path of tantra, unlocking its profound secrets and experiencing spiritual growth. The Guru-disciple relationship fosters trust, devotion, and a deep connection, enabling the disciple to progress on the path towards self-realization and liberation. The Guru's blessings and grace become instrumental in the seeker's spiritual journey, leading to profound transformation and the realization of their divine potential.