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As a certified expert in astrological science, thousands of people from all around the world have benefitted from Pulak Nag’s life-changing advice.

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It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live, I can be contacted via online platforms from anywhere. Astrology can fix any problem that you are suffering from.

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Discover your cosmic destiny
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Seek the assistance of Astro Pulak Nag, Tantra vastushastra, to achieve goals and drive away all your problems. Additionally we provide Gem Stone to retrieve the missing happiness.

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About Me

Let's Talk About Pulak Nag - Best Astrologer in Guwahati

In Guwahati,  Astro Pulak Nag is a well-known for his astrology. He is also well known for practising astrology in Guwahati, making him a well-known figure all over the world. He assists people in understanding the problems in a family, marriage, career, and business because he is a well-known celestial prophet. He has established himself as the top crystal gazer in Guwahati thanks to his insightful responses that warmly bless the needs of his clients. The difficulties of his clients are handled by astrologer Pulak Nag in an effective and forceful way.


Our Core Astro Services

First of all, we are specialized in making people’s lives better. Guru Palak Nag consults people with every aspect of their life with Astrology.


Based on your unique birth chart, Pulak Nag will respond to your queries during your astrology session. Your specific questions will be addressed in this consultation's format, which is connected to events in your life. Your report with the accompanied information will be given to you.


Finding the ideal balance between the five elements and the eight directions is central to the practise of vastu. Peace has been brought into many homes via the effective application of Vaastu principles. Obtain knowledge about the past, present, and future. Ask a question, and the cards will tell.


In Sanskrit, the term "tantra" implies "loom" or "weave." It alludes to the blending of various facets of life, such as the emotional, psychological, and spiritual spheres. Tantra is a sadhana, a shastra, composed of Lord Shiva's compilation of religious treatises, not a religion.


Our Products

Quality and clarity come together. Have some real gems that can positively transform your life. Purchase a genuine birthstone or gemstone with genuine metaphysical qualities and astrological significance. Our stones can offset negative influences brought on by planetary positions in a person's horoscope, bring positive energy, and improve particular abilities.

Green Onyx Stone

Blue Spinel (Neeli) Stone

Golden Topaz Stone

Red Coral Stone

Ruby Stone

Yellow Sapphire Stone

Blue Sapphire Stone

Emerald Stone

Astrologer Pulak Nag
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himani srivastavahimani srivastava
03:25 17 May 23
Pulak da's guidance has proven to be an invaluable asset in my life. His deep understanding of astrological principles and intuitive insights have provided me with clarity and direction during the most challenging times. I cannot express enough the positive impact his guidance has had on my life.Pulak da has earned my utmost respect and admiration through his miraculous predictions and invaluable guidance, his genuine desire to help others make him a true gem in the field of astrology
Sumana GuptaSumana Gupta
09:58 16 May 23
Astrologer Pulak Nag is the best in his game in Guwahati. His predictions are accurate and to the point. His guidance and remedies has always been very helpful. I suggest everyone to visit him for consultation.
Vinit SrivastavaVinit Srivastava
04:20 29 Apr 23
Pulak da is our go to person for any issues in our entire family , and he has never failed us. His words have always been prophetic and remedies very effective. I always reach out to him before making any investments or any career moves, kid’s education and family health issues .I am so glad to have him in our lives
Pamela SinhaPamela Sinha
02:38 29 Apr 23
Astrologer Pulak Nag is the best as I have observed in my life. His predictions are miraculous.Astrologer Pulak Nag is my astrologer. His predictions are truly accurate. His guidance is indeed valuable.I will request everybody to consult Astrologer Pulak Nag. I am pretty sure that he will guide to overcome the hurdles.
Debasish SinhaDebasish Sinha
08:41 28 Apr 23
I am Debasish Sinha aged 70+. I have consulted a good number of astrologers in my life. As it is, I can not say they are bad; but Pulak Nag - the astrologer- is the best because his analysis and predictions are Superb. May God help him reach the peak.

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