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Vastu & Tarot
What is Vastu ?

Vaastu Shastras professing the ancient Indian Science and Technology of design and construction of structures and of Town Planning, that have been in vogue from very early times, are not mere building codes or construction manuals, as generally assumed and propagated by the scholars. They are but Shastras replete with technological material and measures, based on unique Science of Energy and Matter, Time and Space & Space and Spatial Form, so far not recorded in the history of the land of their origin. This science has escaped the notice of all, over the centuries.This unique and supreme science of India lay dormant during all the alien rules, but today it is reemerging spectacularly. This science succinctly called the science of Time and Space, Space and Spatial Forms, is actually the science of subtle energy turning itself into gross energy or embodied energy. As applied in the field of Architecture (Vaastu) and Sculpture (Shilpa), the same subtle energy turns into material forms such as buildings, temples, imagic forms etc. All these forms are not religious but spiritual, and hence universal. But each religion has made these forms sectarian with their symbols superposed on them. The Indian science of Vastu and Vaastu has recognised that the universe is subject to a mathematical formula and architecture is yet another manifestation of this formula - "architecture is the supreme achievement of mathematics", says Mayan, the legendary architect cum scientist. This is the science underlying technological principles and processes in the domain of traditional art and architecture of Vaastu Shastras. The Vaastu Shastras have evolved the temple structure as form of God 'Praasadam Purusham Matva Poojayet Mantra Vittamaha'- Shilpa Ratna and hence it is worship worthy. The yardstick used to give form to consciousness, that is into visual and aural forms is governed by the science of Time and Space using Light and Sound as raw materials. This is the basic science of all Vaastu Shastras.


In order to understand the underlying scientific aspects of Vastu Shastra, we take into consideration the following principles :-
Since the earth spins from West to East and the North Pole is inclined by 23.5°, the actual North point of the earth is situated at NORTH-EAST and SOUTH point at SOUTH-WEST. The cosmic energy coming from NORTH-EAST provides positive energy to the structures whereas SOUTH-WEST gives rise to Negative energy. Hence efforts must be made to conserve the positive energy coming from NORTH EAST and also to arrest the flow of Negative energy arising from the SOUTH-WEST. Thus by keeping the potential high at NORTH-EAST and low in the SOUTHWEST, we can ensure uninterrupted strong flow of positive energy in each and every nook and corner of thestructures. This can be accomplished by keeping maximum open spaces and doors in North and East of the plot and the least in the South and West. To keep the level of positive energy high, the height of the building will have to be kept low in the NORTHEAST, East and North side as compared to the SOUTHWEST, South and West Side. This stems the inward flow of negative energy.


In the morning as the sun rises, the earth is so calm and peaceful. Soon the seven colours constituting the sun ray, start exerting their influences. The seven rainbow colours are VIBGYOR i.e. V. violet, I- indigo, B- blue, G-green, Y- yellow, Oorange, R- red. The violet colour is dominant in the NORTHEAST of the earth whereas in the SOUTH-EAST the colour is red. When we construct four side boundary wall on any piece of land, it acts like an earth organism. In such a plot, due to VIBGYOR the influence of violet rays is maximum in the NORTH-EAST, while in SOUTH-EAST the red rays are dominant. The violet colour being cool and moist, violet colour and water are congineal. Hence NORTHEAST situated water tank, well, swimming pool, underground water tank, fountains, etc enhance the effect of ultra violet rays, which are most positive. Similarly maximum influence of red colour is confined to the SOUTHEAST position of the plot, hence if fire related activities like boiler and electricals are built in the SOUTHEAST, positive results are obtained. The problems related to electricity are reduced and one receives normal electricity bill due to dry climatic conditions in SOUTHEAST zone. Now we will discuss the influences exerted by VIBGYOR from sun rise to sun set. The early morning sun- light is soft and pleasing to the mind. As the effects of the sun rays on the earth's atmosphere increases, its heat and moisture content go up leading to humidity on earth. The humid air causes blackness in the sun rays as they filter through it. This blackness in air increases tremendously in the west during the sun- set, producing ill effects.


The internal arrangement of the office should be such that seating arrangements are at the SOUTHWEST facing either North or East. Accounts Computers etc., should be North facing and placed in the SOUTH-EAST, East or North region. The door of the office should be NORTH-EAST, SOUTH-EAST, or NORTH-WEST region.


1.) A compound-wall is a must.
2.) The main entrance of the Factory should be situated towards North, East or North-East to gain excellent profits.
3.) The entrance door should always be of a greater size.
4.) A big Factory should have doors on two sides. They should be on the North, East, North- East or North-West.
5.) The finished products should be taken out of factory through the door at the North-West direction. This will ensure quicker disposal of finished products and greater profits for the Company.
6.) The South and West area of the compound should never be kept empty or vacant.
7.) Energy meters, furnaces, transformers, generators, boilers etc. and other equipment involving heat-energy should always be kept in the South-East direction. This is very essential for smooth operation of the Factory.
8.) The Storeroom of the Factory should be in the South or West direction. The Storeroom may extend from South towards the West. This will provide great assistance for continuous flow of goods in and out of the Factory.
9.) It is very important to keep the North-East area of the compound and that of inside the premises very clean and open or empty.
10.) The office in the Factory should be located in North or East direction. During business deals and discussions , the owner should always face the North or East direction for reaping greater benefit from the deal.
11.) The heavy machinery in the Factory should be kept on the South, South-West and West areas of the Factory.
12.) The final products to be processed for sales should be kept in the North-West area of the Factory.
13.) The toilet of the Factory should be located in the North-West or South-East direction.
14.) North West side or South-East side are the best positions for the guardroom.
15.) Water pumps, Bore-wells underground Water Tanks, Pumps etc. are best located in North-East area only.
16.) Parking area be provided at North-west or North-east area also. However, in the North- East area only the light vehicles like scooters, cycles etc. are permitted. but without any shed.
17.) If overhead Tanks are to be constructed or erected, they should be at West. In any case South-West and North-East area must be avoided for erecting overhead Water Tank.
18.) Storing of any Raw- material, whether inside or outside in the Industry or Factory must be in the South, West or South-West.

(without altering existing structures)
All this talk of Vastu is fine but can it be applied in its entirety to home, workplace or industry.? May be not, because practical application of Vastu Shastra becomes very difficult in today's life style, due to the pressure to purchase plots & buildings not conforming to Vastu principles, especially in big cities and metro towns. There are many people who want to enjoy benefits of Vastu but either have already bought the plot or are using a constructed building. So what should they do? Buy another plot and build a new building there according to Vastu concepts? We know that this is nearly impossible. But then in such cases there are remedial measures which include placement of Pyramids, metallic Swastiks, Mettalic Strips which provide relief to a certain extent.


The placement of Pyramids is an effective concept based on mind over matter. It is experienced that mental level correction is as powerful as that done in the structures. The Pyramids are specially designed in kits of 3X3 or 9X9 numbers for correcting Vastu defects. The placement and positioning of the Pyramids depends on size and shape of the structure, the plot direction and the severity of defects. It is observed that when a Pyramid is constructed with any material and if an Aluminium sheet is placed around the Pyramid, then the negative energy field inside the Pyramid vanishes. The enhancement and locking of cosmic field can be influenced by Pyramidical structures.


Swastik is recognized as an auspicious symbol all over the world. The recent studies in the field of bioenergy indicate that this symbol is associated with definate positive energy levels. it generates an atmosphere of devotion, pleasant feelings and a sense of well being. In fact this symbol is associated with Astronomy. It is a symbol of constellation of seven stars As shown in the figure, the central point represents North Star Out of the four arms two represent the rising and setting point of seven stars, which are East and West, and the remaining two represent the North and South. So the Swastik symbol is the source of energy from the seven stars.
The practice of placing Lord GANESH & Lord HUNUMAN idols at the entrance or on thewalls can be explained in terms of deriving benefits due to Swastik symbolic shape.


The ground level air upto 12" height is called PRANIC FORCE. In case of negative door entries, bifurcation of the plot, balconies in wrong directions, the PRANIC FORCES are to be restricted by embedding metallic strips on the floor.The mettlic strips of copper, brass, zinc and aluminium are decided according to severity of the defect.